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About us

What is the OWV?

The OWV is a registered non-profit state-approved association founded in 1916. Its registered office is 92637 Weiden i. d. OPf. , Rotkreuzplatz 10. Its working area covers the central and northern Upper Palatinate; in the west as far as the Upper Palatinate Jura and in the east as far as the border with the Czech Republic, in the north as far as the famous pilgrimage church of Kappel north of Waldsassen and in the south as far as the Schwandorf - Rötz - Waldmünchen line. 
The OWV is one of the hiking and local heritage associations united in the Verband Deutscher Gebirgs- und Wandervereine e. V. (620,000 members), which have made the development and care of a German low mountain range their task. 
Its magazine is "Die Arnika". It is published quarterly. 
In addition, the scientific anual "Oberpfälzer Heimat".

What does the OWV want?

The OWV has the task to promote the knowledge and awareness of the Oberpfalz homeland among its members and the public and to do everything for the preservation of our native nature, as for the beautification of the landscape and the places. 
In fullfillment of these goals serve as essential tasks

  1. the protection of nature, landscape and environment (in the sense of § 29 Federal Nature Conservation Act). The objectives of the Landesverbandes Bayern der Deutschen Gebirgs- und Wandervereine are binding in this respect. 
  2. creation and maintenance of biotopes,
  3. preservation of the cultural landscape
  4. monument preservation 
  5. the operation of local beautification
  6. the care of hiking
  7. the creation and maintenance of hiking trails, hiking parking lots, nature trails, wildlife preserves, lookout points, information boards and resting benches
  8. the creation of trail descriptions in the form of leaflets and collaboration on trail maps and trail guides
  9. the construction and maintenance of lookout towers, hikers' homes and hiking bases
  10. the promotion of local history and local history literature including local history research
  11. the cultivation of down-to-earth folk and traditional customs in music, dance, games, etc.
  12. the education of the public in the sense of these goals

All of this requires the creation of a nationwide network of branch clubs. 
All these diverse tasks of the association are performed by idealists from the ranks of the members on a voluntary basis.

What offers the OWV?

The OWV offers a wide range of activities:

  • a well-marked network of hiking trails
  • guided hikes in often unknown areas
  • a varied prgram of lectures
  • social and cultural events such as Advent singing, midsummer celebrations, folk and traditional evenings, dialect petry readings, competitions, traditional dances, etc.
  • "Die Arnika" and the "Oberpfälzer Heimat" with lots of information and suggestions for hiking, leisure, local history and history and more.

Participation in all events and hikes, as well as holding honorary positions, is on a completly voluntary basis.